Everything We Experience is Here & Now | Time & Space are only Imagination | Just Be Here & Now

When it comes to our experience there is no Time and Space. We cannot experience anything in the past or future. We can experience things only in the present moment or Now. Our entire life itself is a long stretched Now or a series of NOWs. Similarly all our experiences happen Here. We cannot experience anything other than Here. So Time and Space are only in imagination or only exist in the mind. When it comes to awareness or consciousness only Now and Here matters. Nothing else exists and Time & Space are a property of the finite mind. 

Consciousness is infinite and by imagining about time and space we are limiting ourselves or coming down to finite. But if we understand this universal truth and live accordingly then that itself a great meditation. When we think about the past or future then we are living in an imaginary world which does not exist. Past and future are only a cluster or thoughts which don’t have any value as of now. Past is a recorded present and we don’t have any control over it now. Future is only an imagination and that too we don’t have any control. Only the present moment is available to us and by thinking about the past or future we are wasting the current moment too.

When we live in an imaginary world of the past or future we are going away from our true self which is always connected to the present moment and cannot even touch past or future. So always try to be in the present moment and that itself a great meditation. When we are aware about this truth and in touch with the Here & Now always then only we experience the real essence of the true self. When our thoughts shuttle back and forth between past and future we forget to live because life happens in the present moment only. 

When you concentrate on here and now your thoughts also will come down. Mind is afraid about the present moment because it doesn’t have much work in the present moment. It always wants to live in the imaginary past or future. Mind is always fascinated with imagination, exaggeration and negativity. It is afraid of the truth. So when you start living in the true world, the mind will lose its importance and slowly come down. 

Mind supposed to be a servant, now occupying the master’s position, will lose its prime position and slowly the heart will take over. Heart supposed to the master was sitting idle. When the heart, which is the real master, takes control then everything will be in place. You will feel permanent happiness and joy irrespective of happenings in the outside world. You will realize that the majority of the problems in your life was due to overthinking and over use of the mind. When the mind cools down the real happiness sitting inside will flourish. 

Actually negative thoughts and false beliefs were blocking the real happiness emanating from inside. Like the sun shines when clouds move away, the real energy inside will start glowing when the clouds of thoughts reduce. So to get perfect happiness and joy you don’t need to go anywhere or don’t need any extra material things. Just be with yourself – Here and Now.

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