Tune your Brain to Theta frequency for subconscious programming

Why is subconscious programming important ?

We know everything in a computer or mobile phone depends on its operating system. If there is any malfunction or outdated information in the operating system then it won’t work as we expect. Not only that we need to update the operating system once in a while or buy a new phone or laptop to get the latest features and functions. Same case with our subconscious mind too. It has huge amounts of data and this data is our operating system. Our attitude, behaviour, habits, addictions, reactions to situations etc are fully decided based on these data. Problem is most of these are completely obsolete and most of them were written during our early childhood period – before 7 years of age. Once you pass that period then not much additions to these data.

Subconscious mind Frequencies

Depending on its working mode our brain has many working frequencies known as brainwaves – Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Beta (13-25Hz) and Gamma (25Hz+) are associated with high alertness and awareness. We will be normally in these frequencies during the day when we are fully active. Alpha (8-12Hz) is a little relaxed mode and Theta (4-7Hz) is fully relaxed mode. These two are best for meditation and such things because your conscious mind will be relaxed in these states. Delta (1-3Hz) is the frequency of deep sleep and healing gets accelerated at this frequency range. Subconscious mind is more accessible during the theta period, so experts suggest this frequency range for subconscious mind programming. When you are tuned to theta, your conscious mind will be fully relaxed and you can directly talk to your subconscious mind. In normal cases conscious mind will act like a gatekeeper and allow only limited amounts of information to pass to the subconscious mind after it analyses the data. It passes the data only if it feels the information is correct and valid. For example when you say “I am rich” and actually if you are not the conscious mind will discard it.

Natural occurrences of the Theta Mode

Every day two times we pass through this theta brain waves mode – just after waking up and just before sleep. Morning brain moves to alpha state from delta mode which is the tone of deep sleep passing through the beta mode. Similarly just before sleep the brain goes to delta mode from alpha state via theta state. So you can utilise these two naturally occurring theta waves to program your subconscious mind. Go to bed with headphones and affirmations daily and you will see noticeable changes in a few weeks time. When you get up also don’t read news or social media updates. This period is very sensitive and important. Either listen to some good morning affirmations or do some prayer or think and plan some good and positive things. Don’t allow any negative things to go to your mind during these 2 periods because whatever you see or hear will directly go to your subconscious mind during this period. 

How do you go to the Theta Mode Forcefully ?

You can also artificially create a theta state. There are many methods for that. The most easy and simple method is to listen to theta brainwaves. When you listen to theta brain waves, within a few minutes your brain also will tune to that – normally happens within the first 6 to 10 minutes. Then you can use it for programming your subconscious mind. There are many such frequencies and you can find it at video and audio sharing sites. Most popular types are binaural and isochronic brainwaves. For binaural brainwaves headphones are must but for isochronic you can listen with speakers too. Once your brain is tuned to the theta state then listen to some good positive affirmations to program your subconscious. Always remember affirmations should be in present tense. I have already written many articles about affirmations and listed many affirmations in my previous posts. Check it out.

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