Top 4 Rife Frequencies : 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz & 20Hz with Solfeggio 741Hz : Deep Healing and Detox

This video is a beautiful and rare mix of top 4 most popular Rife frequencies (880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz & 20Hz) with Solfeggio Infection fighting tone 741Hz. This is mixed in a fast mode – one tone per second.

Top Rife Frequencies : 880Hz, 787Hz, 727Hz & 20Hz

There are 1000s of Rife frequencies which are specific cure for many diseases. You can refer the Rife CAFL for full details. Out of these vast number of frequencies some are very important ones like above mentioned ones – which believed to be a cure for 100s of diseases.

This chart shows the importance of these frequencies. The first one – 880 Hz is believed to be cure for more than 300 diseases as per the chart followed by 787Hz, 727Hz and 20Hz.

Last one – 20Hz, even though it is just starting point of our audible range most of the people cannot hear it properly because human ear’s capacity reduces as we grow up. Also good quality speakers or earphones are required it to reproduce correctly. But this is very important tone. That is why in included in this video. Also even if your ears doesn’t reproduce it correctly, the vibration still help. So don’t worry.

Solfeggio 741Hz

This is another important frequency taken from famous Solfeggio scale. It is one of the popular Solfeggio series of 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, and 852. 741Hz has many health benefits. It is believed to be a cure for many illness and it has a cleansing effect – parasite and toxins cleanse, fight infections – bacterial, viral and fungal infections, dissolve toxins, remove negative energies etc.

Rife and Solfeggio Mix

Normally you won’t find much videos with Rife and Solfeggio mixed together. So in this video you will get benefits of these two. Frequencies chose from Rife also very important ones and can be used as a cure for many issues.

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