What is subliminal audio messages and how to program your subconscious mind with it

Subliminal Messages or Subliminal Stimuli

Subliminal messages or subliminal stimuli are visual or audio messages that come below our threshold of conscious perception. Since it comes below the absolute threshold level or ATL our conscious mind cannot perceive or understand it. But our subconscious mind is smart enough to catch that and store it into its vast storage and change our perception and beliefs as per the data given.

Conscious Mind vs Subconscious Mind

In normal cases, the conscious mind works like a gatekeeper. Since it is the analytical mind it checks everything comes through the senses. So it passes only things which it feels correct and worthy to the subconscious mind and rejects the rest of the data. But in the subliminal messages conscious mind is totally unaware about this process so data goes directly into the subconscious and it immediately processes it. This is also dangerous too because even though the subconscious mind is very powerful it does not check whether it is true or not. It simply writes whatever comes from the senses as subliminal messages. So be very careful not to put any negative data. When you listen to subliminal messages, videos and audios take it only from a trusted source.

Subliminal Message Types – Visuals and Audio

Mainly there are two types of subliminal messages – visual and auditory. In visual subliminal messages small images or text messages will be included with main visual content. Person watching the main video will not notice such small details but his subconscious will catch such details and process it. Subliminal visual messages are mainly used in some advertisements and tv programs to catch audience attention. Subliminal audio stimuli are more popular in YouTube and such sites with affirmations and life changing messages.

Subliminal Audio Frequencies

The subliminal creator put affirmations or such audios below our ATL. Even though our hearing range is from 20Hz to 20KHz most of our ears are not capable of perceiving this full range especially in adults and old people. So what they do is keep subliminal messages above 15KHz and we aren’t normally able to hear it but our subconscious mind will pick it up. Some subliminal audio messages tracks use below 20Hz also. So normally most of the audios present today use subliminal audio frequencies as either below 20Hz or above 15,000Hz.

Subliminal Audio Booster

Nowadays YouTube and such video sharing sites flooded with many subliminal audio boosters too. It is simply a short subliminal audio message telling our subconscious to receive and accept the main subliminal messages – a kind of preparing subconscious mind to accept the main messages. It normally contains affirmations like “My subconscious mind is ready to accept the affirmations. I am seeing remarkable results after listening to these affirmations. I am so happy to see the changes etc”. They recommend listening to the Subliminal Booster before and after the main subliminal messages for maximum results.

Will Subliminal Messages Work ?

This is a big question everybody asks whenever I talk about subliminal messages. Some people argue that since it is beyond our Absolute Threshold Level our ears and brain cannot perceive such audio. Some say that most of the speakers are not able to reproduce such frequencies because while making audio devices they concentrate only on the audio that comes inside the ATL level. But at the same time many people tell many success stories with subliminal messages and as per them it worked perfectly for them. So what I feel is it varies from person to person. So the best way is you try it yourself. Also remember that it will not work in one or two days. To make any remarkable changes in the subconscious mind you need to listen at least 21 days. Try it out, but as I mentioned, listen from a trusted source only. Since we cannot hear the audio we will not what is actually included in the audio. So be careful about that.

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