528 Hz & 432 Hz Fast Mix of 2 most popular miracle frequencies on the web : Deep Healing, DNA Repair

This video is a mix of most popular frequencies on the web – commonly known as miracle tones – 528 Hz and 432 Hz. These tones are extremely beneficial and many people witnessed many success in life by listening to these tunes regularly as per the comments and feedback from all over the world popping up in frequency healing related forums and video sharing sites.

528 Hz – DNA Repair Frequency

528 Hz is the most popular solfeggio tone and believed to have many healing effect and repair your DNA. If you listen it daily for some time it can manifest positive transformation in life, raise positive vibrations and is also associated with solar plexus chakra. It is also called miracle healing frequency because it has the capacity to heal body and mind. There are 1000s of videos in YouTube with 528Hz and other solfeggio scale tones.

432 Hz – The Miracle Tone

Many argue that 432 Hz is far better and divine than the regular 440 Hz musical scale. Also some say that it is the frequency of our planet and in tune with the Schumann Resonance or 7.83Hz so also called heartbeat of the planet. Whatever it is, it has many physical and mental health benefits if you listen to it regularly. It has a special capacity to dissolve negativity and boost positive energy.

528 Hz + 432 Hz Fast Mix

In this video we mixed both 528 Hz and 432 Hz pure tones in a fast mode. This is extremely beneficial because when you listen to this you will get positive effects of both of these frequencies. Also it is pure tones so there is no distraction and you will get full benefits. In many videos they mix music or noise with it so even though it will be pleasing to hear the real benefits will get affected due the extra music. Listen to this video at least 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Observe Body, Mind, Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings

Also while listening try to concentrate in self and try not to think too much. Even if thoughts comes to mind just allow it to pass without any attachment or judgement. Just thoughts let it pass and let you be like a witness. You or Self is far above than body, mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings. So raise your vibrations to that higher level and just observe everything. If you practice it daily your life will become more joyful and ecstatic. You wont need any extra stimulus to be happy. You will be happy always because all unhappy things and negative things are product of the mind. If your mind is quite you will become more peaceful, calm and serene. God Bless.

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