Quick 5 min Fast mode Heart Chakra Balancing, Tuning Anahata Healing with 10 Frequencies

Heart Chakra or Anahata

Heart Chatra – the fourth chakra in the 7 chakra system or energy points is located at the center of the chest. In Sanskrit it is called Anahata. Color of this chakra is green and mantra is YAM. It is basically connected with love, compassion, loving yourself and others, relationship, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, empathy etc. Associated organs with Anahata are heart, lungs, blood, nerves, immune system, circulatory system etc

Unbalanced Heart Chakra

An unbalanced heart chakra can create many physical and emotional problems. In the physical side cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues etc can occur. In the emotional side a closed or unbalanced Anahata can lead to loneliness, suppression of love, jealous, demanding, lacking empathy & compassion, critical of others etc

Balanced Heart Chakra

Balancing your heart chatra and purifying it is very important because it can will greatly improve your respiratory and cardiovascular system. Also it will give many other benefits like emotional balance, loving, open-hearted, serene etc.

How to Balance your Heart Chakra

There are many methods to open and balance your heart chakra. Main idea behind balancing a chakra is moving your awareness to that particular chakra and keep your awareness there for some time. This will energize that chakra. To balance a chakra you can chakra guided meditation, repeat the mantra associated with that chakra ( here it is Yam for Anahata), listen to frequencies associated with that chakra, practice yoga poses and asanas specific to that chakra, color therapy etc

Heart Chakra Balancing with Frequencies

In this video we included 10 different frequencies associated with heart chakra or Anahata. If you listen to this audio daily for few weeks it will slowly open up and balance your heart chakra. These frequencies are played in a fast mode so within 5 minutes all the 10 frequencies are played many times. This video made as a quick 5 minutes one but you can play it in repeat mode or play it many times a day as per your convenience. Also when you listen try to concentrate in the heart chakra or center of the chest. Try to keep your awareness there as long as possible.

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