Parasite Cleanse Rife Frequency Healing Mix : Relaxing & Meditative

Most of us carry lots of parasites in our intestines but we are not much aware about it. It won’t create much problems if it is in a moderate level, but can create many health issues if its level crosses the limit.

There are many home remedies for killing parasites and other nasty objects, but doing it just once or twice will not suffice. It is something which remains all our life. We have to regularly cleanse them out, because even if we remove it once it will accumulate again in few days or weeks. So a parasite cleanse is required once or twice in a month, or once in a week. Only then can we keep control of it.

In modern medicine there are many treatments for parasites, but it isn’t a good idea to take medicines to get rid of parasites every week or month.

So, herbal remedies are the best and searching on the Internet, can find you many different methods for parasite cleanse. One of the effective methods is using frequencies. Dr Royal Rife in 1950 described many frequencies for killing parasites. We have many videos in our channel using those frequencies and if you check out the comments you will see that it is working out effectively for many viewers.

Here is another mix of Rife parasite removing frequencies – using 35 tones in a particular manner and mixed with 6 ultra low frequencies to create a smooth and sweeping effect. Listen to this once in a day for half an hour to one hour, or at lease twice in a week.

This is mixed in an isochronic way, so headphones are not necessary. You can listen it with a good quality speaker too, but listen at a low to medium volume as many of these frequencies are not very pleasant to hear.

Simultaneously, you can use other herbal or other home remedies too, because completely removing parasite is almost an impossible task. Continuously using these remedies and listening to frequencies can help you keep a control of it.

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