All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies : 174, 285,396, 417, 432, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963 Hz

Here All 9 Solfeggio frequencies – 174, 285,396, 417, 432, 528, 639, 741, 852, 963 Hz mixed with 0.5 Hz deep relaxing tone for maximum delta meditation.

Solfeggio frequencies

174 Hz : This is the lowest frequency in Solfeggio scale and is believed to help to relieve from physical pain and so called natural anesthetic. It also gives a sense of safety and security.

285 Hz : This helps to heal wounds, cuts, burns etc or any kid of damage in tissues. It is connected with optimal health and physical well-being and is capable to repairing damaged cells and organs.

396 Hz : Listening to this Solfeggio frequency helps to liberate from guilt and fear which is the main obstacle to keep mind calm and quit and achieve realization or enlightenment. 396 Hz also associated with root chakra and is useful for grounding and physical health. It also helps to transform grief into joy and guilt into forgiveness.

417 Hz : This tone is associated with Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change. It Eases and Initiates Change clears negativity and removes subconscious blockages. This is also associated with Sacral Chakra.

432 Hz : This is actually not a Solfeggio scale but we included this in this video because of its world wide popularity and acceptance. It is also called cosmic frequency and wish fulfilling miracle tone and is deeply relaxing. This also helps to reach a more relaxed and meditative state.

528 Hz : This is Transformation and Miracles or DNA Repair and Healing tone which stimulates love, restores equilibrium and repairs our DNA. This is one of the most popular Solfeggio frequency. When you sync with 528 Hz regularly it believed to improve physical and mental health. This also associated with third chakra – Solar Plexus.

639 Hz : This tone is all about Connections and Relationships. It helps to Heal and strengthens relationships, family, and community unity. This also associated with heart chakra which is again connected with love, relationship etc.

741 Hz : This tone helps to remove toxins from our body and cleanse infections. This also associated with Expression/Solutions Finding, Creative Expression and Solutions etc. Throat chakra is associated with 741 Hz.

852 Hz : Returning to Spiritual Order and Spiritual Homecoming are benefits of this 852Hz and it helps to awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance. Associated chakra is Third Eye.

963 Hz : This is called frequency of God and is linked with crown chakra. It is spiritual connection frequency and also associated with law of attraction which help to manifest anything you want.

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