Solfeggio 528 Hz DNA Repair Frequency with .1 Hz Deep Delta Meditation

Solfeggio 528Hz also known as miracle frequency is believed to have many effects on human health including repair and heal human DNAs and believed to bring many positive things in life if listen continuously. There are 100s of 528Hz pure and mix frequency videos and audios in YouTube and other music and video sites and many health and inspirational enthusiasts listen to it regularly and posted many good results.

Here the 528 Hz is mixed with .1Hz which comes in deep delta range of brainwaves and so it is very relaxing and take you to a deep relaxed meditation state.

When brain tunes to delta frequencies it is believed to have many health benefits like improved sleep, relief from chronic fatigue, tinnitus relief, improved memory etc.

This is a mix of both isochronic and binaural waves so it is better to listen with a headphone/earphone for maximum benefits.

Very low Frequencies like .1Hz also called Epsilon Waves is said to bring Extraordinary States of Consciousness and High States of Meditation levels which is more beneficiary and also a doorway to subconscious mind.

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