7 min Quick All Chakra Balancing Isochronic Meditation

A short and quick 7 minute chakra balancing isochronic meditation to balance all your chakras – root to crown.

Chakras are energy centers and we have mainly 7 chakras – root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown chakras. If any of these chakras are unbalanced then it will affect physical and emotional equilibrium of the body as each chakras associated with a set of organs and hormones.

Even early civilizations were aware about the importance of the chakras and used many methods to and devices to balance their chakras. Indian rishies (an enlighten person) and Tibetan monks were given top priority to chakras during their meditation practice keep their mind calm and physical body healthy.

Now there are many modern methods to balance and tune chakras by listening to their particular frequencies with improvement in technology.

This is an isochronic meditation so headphones are optional.

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