Jupiter Frequency 183.58 Hz with Earth’s 7.83 Hz : Attract Money

Jupiter has been associated with Money and Prosperity from ancient periods. All ancient civilizations believed that blessings from Jupiter can bring abundance and property.

Jupiter Frequency

There are two frequencies associated with spin of Jupiter : 183.58 Hz and 473.9 Hz. You can find enormous videos in Youtube with these Jupiter spinning frequencies modulated with other low frequencies to attract wealth and money. Another important frequency associated with the orbit of Jupiter is 367.2 Hz.

All planets and Sun have strong gravitational and other forces and that can definitely influence our life. As per Indian astrology also planetary positions have very important roles in our life.

Everything is energy. Your body, organs, mind, thoughts, emotions are vibrating with certain frequencies and when you raise those frequencies wonders will happen. When our energies are aligned or in tune with the frequencies of the cosmos miracles can happen.

183.58 Hz with 7.83 Hz

Here is a small Jupiter Spinning frequency video with 183.58 Hz with earth’s spinning Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz. This is an isochronic modulated tone so you can listen it with a speaker.

Listen this at least once in a day for few weeks to get a good result. Also check out other money and prosperity related videos in our Youtube channel

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