Windows Solitaire Card Games - R

RISS Solitaire Pak  - The RISS Solitaire Pak, a collection of single-player card games, goes beyond the standard single game that is common to Windows programs in terms of variety and level of challenge.
Robin's Cards  - This game lets you cheat, to make it easier to win. But it also keeps track of how many games you win without cheating, so you can still feel challenged.

Royal Crown - Fun solitaire with simple up-down play. Jokers are wild. The game deals you a table of cards in the shape of a crown with eight points.

RoundAbout Solitaire  - RoundAbout Solitaire is a fun and easy to learn solitaire.
Rummy Drop - A Solitaire game that you play like Tetris. Rummy Drop combines the fast action of Tetris with the card-playing logic of solitaire.
Ronin Solitaire - Help the ex-samurai, who is sorry for his offensive and troublesome behavior, to gain the new master's favor.