Windows Solitaire Card Games - M


Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island

- Mystery Solitaire includes over 60 levels, 3
custom card faces , an amazing soundtrack and addictive game play.


Masque Card Games -
Play the most popular classic card games! Over 20 different games in
this collection of Card Game and Solitaire favorites.

Mike's Cards -
Arcade Poker, Forty Thieves, Go Fish, Klondike, La Belle
Lucie, Spider and The Towers are all included in this great card game

Mike's Cards Lite -
Free version of Mike's Cards, featuring seven games.

MVP Solitaire -
Sixty of the world's most popular solitaire games, presented in full
24-bit color, are featured in the newest classic game collection from MVP.

My Freecell -
Create and play your own Freecell Games with this highly customizable
Freecell Game Studio.

My Klondike
Create and play your own Klondike Games with this highly customizable
Klondike Game Studio.

My Solitaire
My Solitaire is World's Top 100 Popular Solitaire Card Games Collection. 

My Spider
Create and play your own Spider Games with this highly customizable Spider
Game Studio.

Most Popular Solitaire 
- Most Popular Solitaire
is a collection of 30 of the most popular solitaire card games combined
into one extraordinary game.

Multiplayer Solitaire
Multiplayer Solitaire is like
solitaire, but for multiple people.

Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil is a solitaire card game for Windows 95/98/NT. It's proper
name is "La Belle Lucie", and is also sometimes known as "Three Shuffles
and a Draw".


Mount Sunflower Solitaire
- This is an original solitaire
card game, created by Randy Rasa. The name "Mount Sunflower" comes about
because the initial layout looks something like a mountain, but it's a
rather short and dumpy little thing.

MSM Games  -
MSM Games is a pack of 9
solitaires, including: Clock, Well, Prisoner, Joker Solitaire, Two By
Two, Pairs, Rokkoko, Paganini, Old Friend.