Black Jack Drop 2.4

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Platform: Windows

Price: $7.00

File Size: 187KB

123 Free Memory Rating

Susan Brooks

Release Date:
January 20, 2000

Black Jack Drop Description: 

The game that combines the fast action of Tetris with
the card-playing logic of Solitaire!  Check out the links below for more
detailed information on how to download, play, register, and win at
Black Jack Drop!

Like Tetris, the rules for Black Jack
Drop are simple:  use the arrow keys to maneuver your card and drop it
onto one of the stacks.  Whenever you stack up enough cards to beat the
dealer's total without going over 21, the cards will collapse and
shorten the stack.  Otherwise, the cards just keep piling up, and the
game ends when there's no room for the next card.