Solitario 1.0

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Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Price: Free

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Seahaven 1.02a


Release Date: July
20, 2006

Solitario Description:  

Solitario is a very simple and addictive solitaire card
game. To pause the credits in Solitario's opening screen press the shift
key, to backtrack hold down the option key. To start playing solitario
click the mouse once. You are presented with a deck of cards. Click on the
deck, press the enter or the return key to deal cards. If any two adjacent
cards, or cards with not more than one card in between them, have the same
value or belong to the same suit they can be both put on the same pile,
you click them both and solitario will move the right hand card on top of
the left hand one. You win if you can get all the cards in 1 pile.

I decided to make Solitario free, for the time being. All rights are
reserved and you may use it but only at your own risk. I tested it only on
MAC OSX.3.6 but it may work on earlier versions. Solitario is available
only for Macintosh and I hope you find it as addictive as I do. Please do
not hesitate to suggest beautiful additions to Solitario and report bugs.
Enjoy it!