Infinite Patience 2.3

Infinite Patience

Platform: Windows

Price: Charityware 

File Size: 1.8MB

Infinite Patience 2.3

Publisher: Shaun

Release Date: January
12, 2003

Infinite Patience Description:  

Infinite Patience is a set of 45 solitaire card games
for Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Windows 3.1.

The games in Infinite Patience are not generic; each game has a custom
look, designed specifically to make that particular game fun and easy to
play. There is help available for every game, and a special help option
that jumps you right to the rules for the game you're currently playing.

Infinite Patience has undo and redo commands, and keeps
side-by-side statistics for multiple players so you can compare your stats
with your friends and family.