Palm Solitaire Card Games - C


Canfield Mania Pro
- This solitaire pack is included in Solitaire Mania Pro -
the largest solitaire collection for PalmOS. Over 220 solitaires including
Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid and much more ! 


- CardClub collection of best solitaires is growing.

Card Games 1001 - Welcome to 1001 - a
refreshingly new and exciting card game for Palm devices.

Classic Solitaire
- Classic Solitaire is the most fun and easy to use pack of classic
solitaire games for your Palm!

Clock Solitaire
- Clock
Solitaire is a game of pure chance. The deal of the cards determine if
you win a round or not.

Cosmic Klondike Solitaire 
- A
timeless classic, this is the definitive solitaire card game! Klondike
is the best known solitaire variant in the world. Familiar game play and
a friendly interface will have you finding excuses to play this one all
the time!

Cosmic Tower Solitaire 
- This
super-addictive solitaire variant is sure to be a permanent addition to
your mobile game library.