Mac Solitaire Card Games - A

A Farewell to Kings - A Farewell to Kings is a new concept in Solitaire. The gameplay is unique and original, with a focus on logic and strategy rather than luck-of-the-draw.

Allgood Solitaire - Allgood Solitaire offers 70 different variations, from the familiar Klondike, to more obscure games like Will O the Wisp, and Pyramid.

Aloha Solitaire  - Immerse yourself in the idyllic Hawaiian Islands with Aloha Solitaire, a relaxing mix of solitaire & mahjong.

Aloha TriPeaks - Relax and discover the Hawai'ian Islands in Aloha TriPeaks, an alluring blend of mahjong and tripeaks solitaire.

Alan's Solitaire   - A slightly different kind of solitaire with all the casually challenging fun of the classic "Klondike" style game.