Windows Solitaire Card Games - T

Thieves and Kings - This program contains three fun solitaires:  Thieves, Kings Corners and Fortitude.

Three Shuffles - Build up each of the four suits in an ascending order.  It's not as easy as it looks.  You'll even get up to three shuffles.

Timwin's Game Suite - TimWin's Game Suite is a collection of games.

Top Ten Solitaire - The world's 10 most popular solitaire card games combined into one incredible game!

Tri-Peaks Solitaire To Go - Adventure, danger, and cards lie hidden in lost tombs around the globe. Guide Tex Carter through hand after hand of fast Tri-Peaks fun.
Treasure Trove Solitaire - Treasure Trove Solitaire offers a challenge for both the new and experienced player. Treasure Trove Solitaire (also known as Osmosis).
Two Handed Solitaire  - The game of Two Handed Solitaitre is played similar to Klondike Solitare except for two important differences.
Temple Of Kings - Temple of Kings is a fun and easy to learn solitaire that plays with simple up-down card movements with wilds.