Hardwood Solitaire III

Hardwood Solitaire

Platform: Windows

Price: $19.95 

File Size: 6.1MB

Hardwood Solitaire III 1.1 B32

Publisher: Silver
Creek Entertainment

Release Date: February
6, 2004

Hardwood Solitaire Description:  

A revolutionary collection of solitaire card
games with engaging full-color graphics, original music,
intriguing sound effects, and captivating 3D game play.

Capitalizing on advances in todays video cards
and computer processing speeds, Hardwood Solitaire III delivers
all of the fun and challenge of traditional solitaire games, while
significantly advancing their entertainment value.Unlike ordinary
solitaire games that plunk bare-bones cards onto your screen,
Hardwood Solitaire III immerses you in a magical 3D environment
with animated background scenes, clever visual and sound effects,
and soothing music.