Freecell 3D 2.3

Freecell 3D

Platform: Windows

Price: $14.95

File Size: 5.1MB

Freecell 3D 2.0

Publisher: ambermango

Release Date: April
15, 2002

Freecell 3D Description:  

An advanced version of the popular card game
featuring beautifully realistic 3D graphics and atmospheric sound.
Marvel at the highly-detailed cards on a table that can be viewed
from any angle and scaled smoothly to any screen-size. Freecell3D
also includes a fully-animated solver that can suggest suitable
moves or even finish the game for you. Other features include: a
move history window; full undo/redo/goto; load and save with
thumbnail preview; auto-save; statistics; 3D options; auto-moves
and much more. Best of all is the unique split-screen Race mode
where you compete against the computer to finish the same game. We
think the highest level is impossible - can anyone really play
that fast? Never tire of looking at the stunning 3D graphics as
new tabletops and card decks can be downloaded to use in the game
- three tables are included.