Classical Spanish Solitaires

Download Classical Spanish Solitaires

Platform: Windows

Price: $12.95 

File Size: 2.6MB

Classical Spanish Solitaires

Publisher: Solete

Release Date: January
12, 2003

Classical Spanish Solitaires Description:  

Discover the beautifully designed, artistic, award
winning Spanish cards and have plenty of fun playing 65 completely
different classical Spanish solitaires. The game offers a great variety of
solitaires. Some require just a little bit of luck. Others require skill
and a good strategy. Yet, others require a combination of both. You will
find simple and more complicated solitaires throughout the game. All of
them are entertaining and will be the delight of children and grownups
alike. You can play any solitaire in any order you want or let the program
choose a different one for you every time you play.