Solitr Free Online Solitaire is an online platform to play different solitaire card games. Visitors can play four games - Solitaire, Spider, Mahjong and Sudoku. Options and Features in Free Online Solitaire In Klondike Solitaire it has option to draw 1 or 3 cards. In Spider Solitaire 3 modes - easy, medium and hard. Mahjong toolbar has option like hint and shuffle remaining cards. Sudoku has 4 difficulty levels - easy, medium, hard and very hard. Also all games have features like display or hide score and undo. Solitaire and Spider are in the main website while Mahjong in and Sudoku in web sites. also has a help section describing about How to play Solitaire game like game, turning and moving, build rules, keyboard shortcuts etc. Play Free Online Solitaire, Spider, Mahjong, Sudoku Games at