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My Klondike Features

My Klondike has many advanced features which you will not find in any other solitaire game products like Moves Manager, Pending List, Hot Games List, Recent List..etc.

Major features of My Klondike

999 Trillon Shuffles
Undo and Redo
UndoAll and Redo All
Replay Forward and Back, Replay All
Recently Played, Save and Opened Games List
Add to Favorites and Organize Favorites
Customize Sounds
Customize Backgrounds
Game-wise, Date-wise and Player-wise Statistics with chart
Session Statistics with chart
High score window filtered by score, moves and time
Log Statistics
Export Statistics
Add/Edit/Delete Players
Game History and Export Game History
Random Range Selection
Customize Card Speed

To know more about these features and experience the difference download a free trial version of My Klondike. You can install and play the evaluation version free for 30 days without paying any fee.

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