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My Freecell Games List

My Freecell is a Freecell Solitaire card games studio. In My Freecell you can create your own Freecell solitaire games by specifying rules.

My Freecell is shipped with 12 inbuilt Freecell Solitaire variations. These games includes standard solitaire card games and new card game variations. Here is a list of 12 freecell games included with My Freecell.

Baker's Game
Seven by Four
Two Cells
Color Cell
Freecell Reversed
Freecell Two Suit

Apart from these standard games you can create your own Freecell Solitaire games with My Freecell New Game Wizard or Game Editor. You can define the rules for Foundation, Tableau and Free Cells. You can define the card arranging orders, number of cells, initial cards, multi move, ace king wrapping etc.

Depends upon the rules you specify My Freecell Game engine create and save a new game for you. Later you can open and play the newly created freecell game.

So with the help of My Freecell New Game Wizard and Game Editor you can create 100s of new freecell solitaire games. Game Editor create games also treated like other games and you can see detailed statistics for these games.

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