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Online Help : Game : Save Game


Saving a Game is an important feature of our games. More than that our game engine save and open incomplete and finished games separately. This is a very unique feature of our game products. So you will not find this feature in any other downloadable game products.

To save the current game click on the "Save Game" command under the File Menu or click on the Save Game button or the toolbar or press Control + S on the keyboard.

When you run this command you will get Save Game Dialog box. With this you can select any folder on your computer. By default last saved directory will be selected.

With File Name textbox you can specify a file name to save. Default file name is

 Game Name - Game Number . extension

Game name is the current game's name and game number is the current game's number. extension is a selected by the game engine and it depends on the product and status of the game. If it is an incomplete game then extension will end with 0 and finished games will end with 1. For example in Freecell Collection incomplete games extension is fc0 and finished games extension is fc1.

Since we can execute the Save Game option only at the middle of the game here only Incomplete Game option will be available. (Finished games can be saved only from the Finished Games Dialog).

So just select the folder and filename and click on the Save button. This will create a new file with the specified filename under the given folder.

To cancel the Save Game Dialog click on the Cancel button.



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